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Product Development

Course Participants Management System

Course participant management system is product of Sohum Solutions Group Of Companies. This product can be implemented for anybody who offers courses of any types and wants to store / track / communicate with all the course participants today and in future. It allows to manage all the course participants database online. This also enables teaches/authorized users of the system to search/advance search the course participant data online. Apart from this it allows to generate required reports as per defined search criteria and also enables teachers to communicate with the participants via sms, online emails etc It is implemented for VVKI (Vyakti Vikas Kendra)

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Training Platform

Sohum Solutions delivers your training needs where ever you are. We provide wide range of platform to support your IT needs. Whether you own a small sized classroom or the large sized college, and need to get it done online, we are here to provide you the solution. We can provide you the complete e-learning management solutions to manage courses. Apart from this you can update/edit courses and its contents online , check/delete online assignments and in the same time evaluate them to manage grades. We also provide you the facility to interact with the students using online chat. Online Forums to address students Q & A and discussion forums are the added advatage to it.

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Online Job Portal

To provide one stop solution for all the needs of individuals or organizations which involves any communications, transactions or exchange of any services from home to abroad and vice versa. This also includes all the services from one city to another as domestic services. We intend to provide services for jobs. Visa, staffing, travel, hotel booking, reservations, holidays, money transfers, etc. Apart from our these services, we can provide you the IT infrastucture, if you willing to own such portal at a reasonable price.

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