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Sohum IT Solutions Portfolio

Sohum IT Solutions

Internet/Web Application Development & Maintenance:

We have world class Creative Web Design & Development Team, to design new / revamp existing web sites  to suits your requirements

We are pioneer in designing & developing  Internet Solutions to Automotive

– For Auto Dealers & OEM, Construction Industries – Real Estates Developers, Builders

We enable your business & customer base expand by transforming your websites, Mobile Friendly Websites– Migration of current website to mobile friendly versions

Product / Process Engineering & Automation:

New Application Development to automate your existing manual processes

Customize / Support / Re-Engineer existing applications

Our highly skilled , technically strong product & process engineering team is constantly engaged in design & developing new applications to meet our customers requirements

Our experienced product Re-engineering Team customizes and support your existing applications

We also provide solutions to uplift / re- write your existing application from old technologies to latest / new edge technologies to leverage the advantages of new trends in technologies and business



Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic design is one of the vital factor for any business. We have expertise in high quality professional graphics. We provide professional yet classic graphic to satisfy your companies need. Graphic design is a critical selection for a client and it has to be subjective. Sohum Solutions helps you to choose one.


Application Development Portfolio

We are one of the highly experienced companies for web based application development. We not just provide the service but also the best suitable solutions to suit our clients requirement. We provide interactive, user friendly and data base driven web application. We also offer regular update and security enhancements. We provide you the best with reasonable price.



Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India (VVKI) is associated with Art of Living Foundation which is founded by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Art of Living Courses are run across the globe in more than 140 countries and thus more than 20 million people are followers of Art of Living and Sri Sri's Teaching.

Participant Management System is product of Sohum Group of companies. It is customized as per needs of VVKI and will enable VVKI Organization - Mumbai Chapter to manage all the course participants database online. It also enables teachers / authorized users of the system to search / advance search the course participant data online. This system also allows to generate required reports as per defined search criteria. Export / Import facility is also enabled to upload and download the course participants data online. You Can Link To


Product Development Portfolio

Course Participants Management System

Course participant management system is product of Sohum Solutions Group Of Companies. This product can be implemented for anybody who offers courses of any types and wants to store / track / communicate with all the course participants today and in future. It allows to manage all the course participants database online. This also enables teaches/authorized users of the system to search/advance search the course participant data online. Apart from this it allows to generate required reports as per defined search criteria and also enables teachers to communicate with the participants via sms, online emails etc It is implemented for VVKI (Vyakti Vikas Kendra)

To experience online demo visit: http://www/

Training Platform

Sohum Solutions delivers your training needs where ever you are. We provide wide range of platform to support your IT needs. Whether you own a small sized classroom or the large sized college, and need to get it done online, we are here to provide you the solution. We can provide you the complete e-learning management solutions to manage courses. Apart from this you can update/edit courses and its contents online , check/delete online assignments and in the same time evaluate them to manage grades. We also provide you the facility to interact with the students using online chat. Online Forums to address students Q & A and discussion forums are the added advatage to it.

To experience online demo visit:

Online Job Portal

To provide one stop solution for all the needs of individuals or organizations which involves any communications, transactions or exchange of any services from home to abroad and vice versa. This also includes all the services from one city to another as domestic services. We intend to provide services for jobs. Visa, staffing, travel, hotel booking, reservations, holidays, money transfers, etc. Apart from our these services, we can provide you the IT infrastucture, if you willing to own such portal at a reasonable price.

To experience online demo visit:


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